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Board Meeting May 2nd, 2000

1) Call to Order - The meeting was called to order, at approximately 7:33 PM by Virginia La Duke, President. Ms La Duke then announced that this would be a very interesting meeting and everyone should enjoy.

2) Roll Call - Board members Dan Gaffen, Scott Webb and Andrew Baron were present as was Vince Gugliuzza from the Management Company. Virginia then announced that several guest speakers were present, Sheila Rose and Dave Rivera from the City of Coconut Creek and Ed Hammci and Robert Kaye from the law firm of Kaye & Roger.

3) Minutes of previous meeting - Virginia stated that the minutes of the previous meeting were posted on the Indigo Lakes web site. Dan Gaffen made a motion to waive reading of previous meeting minutes, second by Scott Webb and the minutes were unanimously approved.

4) Virginia then introduced the Association's attorney, Ed Hammel, who stated that he and Robert Kaye met with the property manager today. The missing items that DCI was to turn over to Fairman, the outstanding resident delinquencies and the "wish list" that is to be presented to Morrison Homes were discussed. Ed stated that he was working on the DCI missing items and that the collection of delinquent accounts was progressing in a positive manner. Ed stated that before turning over a "wish list" to the developer, it was advisable that the Association hire an engineer to inspect and evaluate the Indigo Lakes development with regards to the roadways, the pool, the building at the pool etc. This would alert the Association to any possible defects that may not be visible at present, and reinforce the demands made to the developer through the "wish list". Ed stated that the average cost for th. is type of service is around $5,000.00. Vince concurred that this was the best way to deal with a developer, because once Morrison Homes signs off on Indigo, the Association would have no recourse. Scott Webb made a motion to hire an engineer as proposed, second by Dan Gaffen and unanimously approved. Ed then introduced Robert Kaye the senior partner of Kaye & Roger PA, who spoke about his firm and assured the Board that Kaye & Roger would not only represent the Association with any legal problems, but would also make recommendations on a continual basis.

5) Virginia then thanked Mr. Kaye for his attendance at the meeting. She also stated that if anyone had a problem or concerns with the odor that sometimes comes from the Central Sanitary Landfill, they should contact Dave Rivera at 954-973-6720. Also Broward County was having a "Walk Florida Workshop" on 5/4/00 at l PM at the Coconut Creek Recreation Center. The purpose of the workshop was to identify any pedestrian problems in the immediate area(for info Nick Balevich 954-973-6756). Virginia also stated that Broward County has a subdivision called Florida Yards & Neighborhoods that you can obtain information about what landscaping is allowed & recommended on individual properties (Jalil Vedaee 954-370-3725).


Virginia then stated that she would be sending a newsletter in June listing the new business that the Association would be doing, including Indigo Lakes Appreciation Day which is

scheduled for June 24th with various vendors such as Hurricane Shutters, Fencing, Pools, Verticals and other home needs in attendance. There will be refreshments and vendor give-aways, and there will be more info in the newsletter.

6) Reports:

a) Treasury - Scott Webb stated that at the end of March 2000 the Association had income of $28,547.00 and expenses of $37,541.20, leaving a short balance of $8,994.20,

7) Virginia then asked Dan Gaffen to advise the Board about the pool repairs that were recently completed. Dan prefaced his remarks by stating that the typical problems that we have with the pool pumps and heater are actually caused by well-meaning residents who manipulate the controls incorrectly. Dan explained that the pool water is circulated by two pumps. The heater senses when the pump circuits are turned off and also shuts down. To merely flip a circuit breaker back on to power the pump causes one of the pumps to starve water to the other pump and subsequent pump failure and breakage. There is protocol to turn the pumps back on the alleviate mechanical failure. Dan asked that either he or the management company be notified if a resident suspects that the pumps or heater is malfunctioning. An inexperienced person attempting to "fix" the equipment will only cause more damage.

8) Virginia thanked Dan for his input and also thanked him for taking a very active role in notifying residents who were illegally parking their vehicle son the street. She stated that Dan has had great success and most residents have complied.

9) Virginia then asked Vince to give a report on the management company's activity. Vince stated that gate repairs are down, and the camera at Lake Como is OK however, there is something wrong with the cable connection from the camera to the houses and AT&T the cable company has been notified. The dirt along Alexandra Blvd is due to Bell South making repairs and Vince said he has been in touch with them and they will correct the grass etc after repairs are completed. Vince was asked to repair one of the stationary bikes in the exercise room and Dan Gaffen volunteered. Also the slide at the kiddie area will be repaired and new mulch will be put down. The annual planting will take place shortly, but first the planting areas will be treated with fertilizer etc. Now that the irrigation is in order these areas should do better than the spring plantings. Vince stated that he was looking into having hidden cameras at the pool and club house installed due to some vandalism that has started to take place. Also the exercise room in the club house is scheduled to get a fresh up coat of paint, and the thermostat is going to be moved where no one can change the adjustments. Vince also stated that the gate systems do not have battery backup and he would like to have a volunteer for each community to have keys to be able to control the circuit breakers at the gates should there be a power outage.

10) At approximately 8:07pm motion to adjourn was made by Scott Webb, second by Dan Gaffen and meeting adjourned. The next Board meeting is scheduled for June 6t~, 2000.

11) Virginia then introduced Sheila Rose of the City of Coconut Creek who spoke of numerous subjects within the City that may impact Indigo Lakes.